Start Preventing and Detecting Fraud in Your Company Today


Essentials of Corporate Fraud is used by small business owners, internal audit departments, outside auditors, financial investigators, and college professors to introduce professionals and students to take control of financial fraud.

The book is much more than a primer on anti-fraud theories… It is a real-world look at how fraud occurs from an expert who has investigated hundreds of internal frauds, including embezzlement, financial statement fraud, insurance fraud, investment fraud, bribery, and corruption.

Tracy introduces us to those committing fraud, the companies they’re committing fraud against, and the methods used to commit and conceal fraud. Her broad experience ranging from law enforcement to traditional auditing and finally to forensic accounting and fraud investigations brings a unique perspective to this publication.

Essentials of Corporate Fraud gives you the tools to start addressing the problem of fraud in your company today. Companies can no longer afford to wait for the “right time” to start fighting fraud.

Who should read Essentials of Corporate Fraud? The list is practically endless, but includes attorneys, accountants, consultants, executives and business owners who need an overview of fraud. If you’re a seasoned fraud investigator, this book is probably more appropriate for newer staff members who need to begin learning about fraud and anti-fraud initiatives.

When you finish reading Essentials of Corporate Fraud, you’ll have an understanding of the root causes of corporate fraud and how to manage it. Readers will be able to identify red flags of corporate fraud, and will walk away with a greater appreciation for common fraud schemes and their warning signs. A discussion of basic fraud prevention procedures will give readers the tools needed to start fighting fraud in their own companies.

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