Inside Essentials of Corporate Fraud


Corporate fraud continues to fascinate the masses, yet companies as a whole have not been terribly effective in significantly decreasing the occurrence and cost of occupational fraud. While regulations have forced management to review policies and procedures, a wide-scale shift toward proactive fraud prevention has not occurred.

Understanding the root causes of fraud and learning about the most effective fraud prevention techniques are critical to reducing the incidence of corporate fraud. A long-term reduction in employee fraud is not achieved easily, yet a company that is committed to improving fraud prevention efforts can begin with some basic improvements.

This book is intended for executives, attorneys, and auditors who need a basic understanding of corporate fraud. It addresses some of the causes of fraud and the characteristics of those who commit fraud. The book examines warning signs of fraud within companies and the process of conducting a corporate fraud investigation. It further discusses opportunities for proactive fraud prevention, which include educating employees and implementing polices and procedures specifically designed to prevent fraud.

Chapter 1 – The Fraud Problem

Chapter 2 – People Who Commit Fraud

Chapter 3 – Red Flags of Fraud

Chapter 4 – Asset Misappropriation and Bribery & Corruption

Chapter 5 –  Financial Statement Fraud

Chapter 6 –  Fraud Detection and Investigation

Chapter 7 – Fraud Prevention

Chapter 8 – Best Practices in Fraud Management

Chapter 9 – The Future of Fraud