Rave Reviews for Essentials of Corporate Fraud


Tracy Coenen’s Essentials of Corporate Fraud is the perfect primer for executives and managers about this serious issue. Very well written.

Joseph T. Wells, CFE, CPA
Founder and chairman, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Congratulations! You’ve done a wonderful job describing how fraud flourishes in the workplace; for anyone in management who’s concerned about internal theft, this book is a terrific teaching tool and guide.

Greg Farrell
Reporter, USA Today

Fraud, theft and abuse costs the average company 6% of revenue. That’s money off the bottom line, forcing the honest employees and managers to work harder and forgo bonuses and raises they deserve. Coenen has written a solid book on fraud. She covers all the basics on how and why people steal, cheat, embezzle, cook the books, take bribes and kickbacks, justify it, and why don’t think they’ll get caught. Then she shows you what to do about it, from investigating to deciding whether or not to prosecute and/or fire the dishonest employee or manager. Accountants, attorneys, business people, HR folks and consultants, can all learn from her expertise and easy to understand style. Want to make more money and make your life easier? Then READ THIS BOOK.

Gary Zeune, CPA
Founder, The Pros & The Cons

Essentials of Corporate Fraud is unique among fraud books in that it provides decision-makers who aren’t fraud experts with exactly the kind of “brass tacks” knowledge they need to meaningfully reduce their organizations’ vulnerability to such crimes as embezzlement, fraudulent financial reporting, bribery, corruption and collusion. No fancy financial or accounting language. No convoluted theorizing about why fraud happens. Just well-founded actionable insight and advice on how to detect, prevent and investigate fraud—from someone who’s been helping organizations protect themselves against white-collar crime for many years.

Peter Goldmann
Editor and Publisher, White-Collar Crime Fighter newsletter

To be an effective auditor you have to first master forensic accounting. If there were more fraud professionals like Tracy Coenen around during my criminal career, I would have been forcibly retired many years earlier, or I may not have chosen the dark road to criminality all together.

Sam E. Antar
Former Crazy Eddie CFO & convicted felon

The only thing better than Tracy Coenen’s skills as a forensic accountant and fraud investigator is her ability to reduce her real life
experiences to writing. Tracy stands out as the only one who has ever been able to make the boring, dry subject of accounting fraud both entertaining and informative. She actually provides the reader who may possess little knowledge of the subject with a literal “how to
uncover’’ fraud methodology. In short, Tracy Coenen is ZZZZ Best fraud investigator.

Barry Minkow
Co-Founder of Fraud Discovery Institute

Tracy Coenen is one of the top fraud-fighters in America today, and her book is a must-read for everyone interested in corporate fraud. Her book is clear, concise and comprehensive in describing all of the major kinds of fraud, from embezzlement to boardroom chicanery. Filled with vivid examples that bring life to this difficult subject.

Gary Weiss
Author of Born to Steal and Wall Street Versus America

Tracy Coenen’s book is a must-read for anyone hoping to understand the psychology and methodology of white collar crime.

Zac Bissonnette
AOL Money & Finance’s BloggingStocks.com

This book provides business professionals with an excellent overview of what is fraud, who commits fraud, indicators of fraudulent activity, common fraud schemes, and methods to prevent and detect fraud. Real-world examples illustrate and enhance the discussion of these various aspects of fraud. The book concludes with a very useful discussion of best practices in fraud management and the future of fraud. I would encourage any business executive interested in gaining a better understanding of fraud to read Essentials of Corporate Fraud.

Michael D. Akers, Ph.D, CFE, CPA
Professor and Chair, Department of Accounting-Marquette University
Charles T. Horngren Professor of Accounting

Coenen, widely recognized as ‘the new breed’ of forensic accountant, has authored the quintessential text for business, legal and financial professionals on corporate fraud; an in depth examination of the subtle nuances, ‘red flags,’ and real issues associated with one of the hottest, and most financially devastating, business topics of the decade.

Daniel W. Draz, M.S.,CFE
Adjunct Professor, Economic Crime Management Masters Program, Utica College
Adjunct Instructor, White Collar Crime & Fundamentals of Fraud, Portland State University